Farm Bill

Every five years, Congress passes legislation that sets national agriculture, nutrition, conservation, and forestry policy, commonly referred to as the “Farm Bill”. ... Read More »

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S.1960 Biobased Energy Incentive Act of 2002
S.1951 A bill to provide regulatory oversight over energy trading markets, and for other purposes.
S.1938 A bill to amend the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act to establish a grant program to train farm workers in new agricultural technologies.
S.1519 A bill to amend the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act to provide farm credit assistance for activated reservists.
S.1815 A bill to amend the Agriculture and Food Act of 1981 to require the Secretary of Agriculture to conduct a pilot program under which the Secretary shall make grants to local units of government or local nonprofit organizations in the State of Arkansas to employ non-Federal resource conservation and development coordinators.
H.R.3216 To amend the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act to exclude certain basic allowances for housing of an individual who is a member of the uniformed services from the determination of eligibility for free and reduced price meals of a child of the individual.
S.1727 Conservation Assistance and Regional Equity Act
S.1628 Agriculture, Conservation, and Rural Enhancement Act of 2001
S.1683 Hunters Help the Hungry Act of 2001
S.1681 Northern Great Plains Rural Development Authority Act
S.1674 A bill to amend the Agricultural Adjustment Act to authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to issue marketing orders for caneberries.
S.1673 Farm Security Act of 2001
S.1652 Sugar Program Reform Act
S.1633 Suburban and Community Forestry and Open Space Initiative Act of 2001
S.1629 A bill to provide farmers with better prices and higher profits through the marketplace.
S.1595 Johne's Disease Elimination Act
S.1604 National Historic Barn Preservation Act of 2001
S.1571 Farm and Ranch Equity Act of 2001
S.1563 Agricultural Bioterrorism Countermeasures Act of 2001
S.1546 A bill to provide additional funding to combat bioterrorism.
S.1540 Emergency Food Assistance Program Enhancement Act of 2001
S.1538 High Plains Groundwater Resource Conservation Act
S.1527 A bill to amend the Food Security Act of 1985 to extend and improve the environmental quality incentive program.
S.1482 Animal Health Protection Act
S.1478 Puppy Protection Act of 2001
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