Farm Bill

Every five years, Congress passes legislation that sets national agriculture, nutrition, conservation, and forestry policy, commonly referred to as the “Farm Bill”. ... Read More »

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S.1225 Energy Market Manipulation Prevention Act
S.1226 Paperless Enrollment for School Meals Act of 2009
S.RES.174 A resolution recognizing the region from Manhattan, Kansas to Columbia, Missouri as the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor.
S.1195 A bill to require the Secretary of Agriculture to carry out the Philadelphia universal feeding pilot program until the last day of the 2012-2013 school year of the School District of Philadelphia.
S.1086 Livestock Marketing Fairness Act
S.1062 Beef Checkoff Modernization Act of 2009
S.990 Afterschool Flexibility to Expand Reimbursement for School Meals Act of 2009
S.972 A bill to amend the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 to provide funding for successful claimants following a determination on the merits of Pigford claims related to racial discrimination by the Department of Agriculture.
S.934 Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act of 2009
S.889 Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of 2009
S.666 Quality Cheese Act of 2009
S.667 Federal Milk Marketing Reform Act of 2009
S.665 Democracy for Dairy Producers Act of 2009
S.581 Military Family Nutrition Protection Act of 2009
S.552 Maple Tapping Access Program Act of 2009
S.519 POPs, LRTAP POPs, and PIC Implementation Act of 2009
S.460 A bill to amend the Agriculture Marketing Act of 1946 to foster efficient markets and increase competition and transparency among packers that purchase livestock from producers.
S.RES.51 An original resolution authorizing expenditures by the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.
S.447 Prevent Excessive Speculation Act
S.425 Food Safety and Tracking Improvement Act
S.429 Ending Agricultural Threats: Safeguarding America's Food for Everyone (EAT SAFE) Act of 2009
S.337 Foot and Mouth Disease Prevention Act of 2009
S.272 Derivatives Trading Integrity Act of 2009
S.223 Energy and Technology Advancement Act of 2009
S.221 A bill to amend the Commodity Exchange Act to require energy commodities to be traded only on regulated markets, and for other purposes.
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