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Farm Bill 101: Delivering for Rural America

“The Farm Bill is the backbone of federal policy for rural communities like my hometown of Clare, Michigan” -Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow

A Farm Bill for Rural America:

  • More than 46 million people call rural America home, and the Farm Bill invests in the people, businesses, and way of life in small towns across the country.
  • From supporting our farmers, ranchers, and growers to building clean water infrastructure and revitalizing small downtowns, the Farm Bill impacts every corner of our country.

 The Farm Bill’s History in Rural America: 

  • The first Farm Bill, the “Agriculture Adjustment Act,” was signed into law in 1933 as part of “The New Deal” to ensure fair and stable food prices for American farmers and a safe and bountiful food supply for the American people.
  • In 1937, Congress included the first “Rural Development” title in the Farm Bill. Today, the Rural Development title supports everything from building economic opportunities, to broadband internet, and new infrastructure.

Interesting Fact: 

  • The 1910 Census marked the last time that a majority of Americans lived in our rural communities. Today, around 15 percent of the country call these vibrant small towns home.

The Farm Bill in Action:

  • While the Farm Bill makes critical investments in our farmers, ranchers, growers, and producers, its reach in rural America extends far beyond the field. This includes:
    • Improving access to quality rural health care by providing resources for telemedicine, hospitals, and other care providers.
    • Supporting good paying rural manufacturing and small business jobs through programs administered by the Rural Business Cooperative Service.
    • Investing in high-speed internet that connects rural communities.
    • Helping farmers and small businesses invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements, saving them money.
    • Helping communities build and develop new drinking water and waste disposal systems.
    • And much more!

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