Hearing Transcripts

Public hearing transcripts are published after each committee hearing.  They include opening statements by senators and witnesses, documents submitted for the record, questions submitted by senators, and the witnesses’ responses to these questions.

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acrobatS. Hrg. 112-276 - Oversight Hearing: Implementation of Title VII of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-275 - Agriculture: Growing America's Economy
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-1029 -- Nomination of Ramona Emilia Romero, of Pennsylvania to be General Counsel, U.S. Department of Agriculture
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-1028 -- Oversight Hearing to Examine the Impact of EPA Regulation on Agriculture
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-1027 -- The National Organic Law at 20: Sowing Seeds for a Bright Future
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-1026 -- Promoting Agricultural Exports: Reviewing U.S. Agricultural Trade Policy and the Farm Bill's Trade Title
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-1025 -- Empowering Rural Communities, The Status and Future of the Farm Bill's Energy and Rural Development Programs
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-1024 -- Expanding Our Food and Fiber Supply Through a Strong U.S. Farm Policy
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-1023 -- Hearing to Receive Testimony on S. 3102, The Rural Energy Savings Program Act
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-1022 -- Hearing to Consider the Nominations of Elisabeth Hagen, M.D., Catherine E. Woteki, Sara Louise Faivre-Davis, Lowell Lee Junkins, and Myles J. Watts, for Respective Positions with the USDA and Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-802 -- Over the Counter Derivatives Reform and Addressing Systemic Risk
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-801 -- Revitalizing Rural America
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-800 -- Nomination of Jill Long Thompson to be a Member of the Farm Credit Administration Board, Farm Credit Administration
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-799 -- Reforming U.S. Financial Market Regulation
acrobatS. Hrg. 111-798 -- Reutilization of U.S. Child Nutrition Programs: Opportunities to Fight Hunger and Improve Child Health
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