Full Committee Hearing

Examining the Futures Markets: Responding to the Failures of MF Global and Peregrine Financial Group

Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Time: 09:00 AM Location: 328A Senate Russell Office Building

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*Please note:  Judge Louis Freeh has been invited to testify however he is unable to attend the hearing.  He will submit testimony for the record and answer questions for the record in writing after the hearing.


Panel 1

  1. Hon. Gary Gensler
    Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    Washington, DC
  2. Hon. Jill Sommers
    Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    Washington, DC
  3. Hon. Louis Freeh*
    Chapter 11 Trustee of MF Global Holdings Ltd.
    Freeh Group International Solutions
    Wilmington, DE
  4. Mr. James Giddens
    Trustee for Securities Investment Protection Act Liquidation of MF Global, Inc.
    Hughes Hubbard & Reed
    New York, NY
  5. Mr. Ira Bodenstein
    Chapter 7 Trustee for Peregrine Financial Group, Inc.
    Shaw Gussis
    Chicago, IL

Panel II

  1. The Honorable Walter Lukken
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Futures Industry Association
    Washington, D.C.
  2. Mr. Terrence Duffy
    President and Executive Chairman
    CME Group
    Chicago, IL
  3. Mr. Dan Roth
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    National Futures Association
    Chicago, IL
  4. Ms. Diana Klemme
    Vice President and Director-Grain Division
    Grain Service Corporation on behalf of the National Grand and Feed Association
    Atlanta, GA
  5. Mr. John Roe
    Commodity Customer Coalition
    Chicago, IL

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