Full Committee Hearing

Commodities, Credit, and Crop Insurance: Perspectives on Risk Management Tools and Trends for the 2018 Farm Bill

Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Time: 08:30 AM Location: 106 Dirksen Senate Office Building

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Panel 1

  1. Mr. Bruce Rohwer
    Rohwer Farms
    Paullina, IA
  2. Kevin Scott
    American Soybean Association
    Valley Springs, SD
  3. Mr. David Schemm
    Arrow S Farms
    Sharon Springs, KS
  4. Mr. Nick McMichen
    Owner & Operator
    McMichen Farms
    Centre, AL
  5. Mrs. Jennifer James
    Owner & Operator
    H & J Land Company
    Newport, AR

Panel 2

  1. Ms. Meredith Rogers
    Owner & Operator
    Family Farm Partners
    Camilla, GA
  2. Mr. Robert Rynning
    Owner & Operator
    Robert Rynning Farms
    Kennedy, MN
  3. Mr. Ervin Schlemmer
    Owner & Operator
    Schlemmer Farms
    Joliet, MT
  4. Mr. Ken Nobis
    Owner & Operator
    Nobis Dairy Farm
    Novi, MI
  5. Mr. Dan Atkisson
    Owner & Operator
    Atkisson Land & Cattle
    Stockton, KS

Panel 3

  1. Mr. Mark Haney
    Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation
    Louisville, KY
  2. Mr. Roger Johnson
    National Farmers Union
    Washington, D.C.
  3. Ms. Lindsey Lusher Shute
    Co-Founder & Executive Director
    National Young Farmers Coalition
    Hudson, NY
  4. Mr. William Cole
    Crop Insurance Professionals Association
    Batesville, MS
  5. Mr. Ron Rutledge
    President and Chief Operating Officer
    Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa
    West Des Moines, IA
  6. Mrs. Mandy Minick
    Washington State President
    Northwest Farm Credit Services
    Pasco, WA
  7. Mrs. Brenda Kluesner
    Loan Officer & Crop Insurance Manager
    Royal Bank
    Cassville, WI

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