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United States Senate Committee on Agriculture Nutrition & Forestry

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112th Congress (2011-2012)
Senator Roberts: More Assistance Needed on Drought
Republican Ag Senators Call for Ag Hearings on LIBOR
Senator Roberts Says Democrats Fail to Provide Drought Assistance
Senator Roberts’ Opening Statement at Ag Hearing on MF Global and Futures Markets
Senator Roberts: How Will this Agreement Affect the Price of Eggs for Struggling Consumers?
Senator Roberts Leads Republican Effort in Asking for Drought Relief
Senator Roberts: Kansas Farmers and Ranchers Face Drought Emergency
Senator Roberts’ Statement for Agriculture Hearing on Dodd-Frank: 2 Years Later
Senator Roberts to USDA: Taxpayers Deserve Details on Dubious Ad Campaign
Senator Roberts’ Statement on USDA Improvements to Disaster Assistance
Senator Roberts: Medical Marijuana Use Should Not Boost SNAP Benefits
Senator Roberts Applauds Senate Approval of the Farm Bill
Senator Roberts Urges Senate to Pass Farm Bill; Saves Taxpayer $23 Billion, Reforms American Agriculture
Senator Roberts Issues Statement on Trustee’s Report on MF Global Collapse
Roberts: Senate Ag Reports Out Ag Reform, Food and Jobs Bill
Senator Roberts: Bipartisan Farm Bill Saves Taxpayer $23 Billion; Reforms American Agriculture
Ranking Member Roberts' Statement on Ag Committee Mark-up Postponement
Stabenow and Roberts: US Beef and Dairy Safeguards Protect Public Health, Livestock
Ranking Member Roberts and Chairwoman Stabenow: Public/Private Ag Research Partnership Needed to Meet Global Food Demand
Senator Roberts’ Statement at Ag Hearing on Risk Management and Commodities